Zander had to withdraw his contention and the stock of the incriminated Protocols were destroyed by order of the court.) 1903, in Znamya, a Saint Petersburg daily newspaper, under Pavel Krushevan."A Dangerous Lie Holocaust Encyclopedia, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, April 2006.

Huribut Corroborates the Princess.Until then, The Protocols had remained obscure; it now became an instrument for blaming Jews for the Russian Revolution.Jenkins, Philip (1997 Hoods and Shirts: The Extreme Right in Pennsylvania, UNC Press,. .

A b Bromiley, Geoffrey.The chapter "In the Jewish Cemetery in Prague" from Goedsche's Biarritz, with its strong antisemitic theme containing the alleged rabbinical plot against the European civilization, was translated into Russian as a separate pamphlet in 1872.Isbn a b Islamic Antisemitism in Historical Perspective (PDF Anti-Defamation League,. .