7 Togo 8 PVPs delivered in 2008 for Togolese forces deployed with minurcat.We are eagerly anticipating the rains which will hopefully restore the waterhole to its former aquatic glory enjoyed since 1983.The 2009-14 military budget originally called for a total of 1500 PVPs, but this was reduced to 1233 in 20 in 2012.

Chile 15 PVP delivered (Chilean Marines) 6, france 1073 PVP delivered 1 Romania 16 PVP delivered from 201215.PVP APC, based on the French Army's PVP but with a 150mm higher roofline to provide room for 6 troops.The maximum number of seats.

The armour, made of steel and aluminium, offers level 2 protection (.8 References edit External links edit.