The maintenance of the strength of the Sixth Army, at the expense of the Second Army on the Somme, indicated that Falkenhayn intended the counter-offensive against the British to be made north of the Somme front, once the British offensive had been shattered.) If such.New York City: Macmillan."The Battle of the Somme: 141 Days of Horror".

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Ludendorff rejected the proposal the next day, but British attacks on the First Army particularly the Action of Miraumont (also known as the Battle of Boom Ravine, 1718 February) caused Rupprecht on the night of 22 February to order a preliminary withdrawal.Doughty wrote that French losses on the Somme were "surprisingly high" at 202,567 men, 54 of the 377,231 casualties at Verdun.Just like a Remembrance Sunday silence, a bugler played The Last Post after the silence.

The whole history of the world cannot contain a more ghastly word.By May, Joffre and Haig had changed their expectations of an offensive on the Somme, from a decisive battle to a hope that it would relieve Verdun and keep German divisions in France, which would assist the Russian armies conducting the Brusilov Offensive.