Derived terms edit Preposition edit rond around concerning, related to Inflection edit Noun edit rond n ( plural ronden, diminutive rondje n) round of a race or of a tournament Derived terms edit Etymology edit From Old French reont, from Vulgar Latin *retundus, dissimilated variant.Contents, english edit, etymology edit, french, noun edit ronde ( uncountable ) ( typography, dated ) A kind of script in which the heavy strokes are nearly upright, giving the characters when taken together a round look.Anagrams edit, doner, Drone, Roden, doner, drone, nerdo, orned, redon, renod Pronunciation edit IPA ( key /rnd/ Hyphenation: ronde Rhymes: -nd Noun edit ronde f ( plural ronden or rondes, diminutive rondje n) round lap Adjective edit ronde Inflected form of rond Pronunciation edit Adjective.

This was the first attempt made at farming in the Hells Gate Ronde.If you are familiar with the origin of this term, please add it to the page per etymology instructions.

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