1 Pâté en croûte is baked with the insertion of "chimneys" on top: small tubes or funnels that allow steam to escape, thus keeping the pastry crust from turning damp or soggy.Variations edit, in, french or, belgian cuisine, pâté may be baked in a crust as pie or loaf, in which case it is called pâté en croûte, or baked in a terrine (or other mold in which case it is known as pâté en terrine.16951705; French; see paste, -ee pâté A French word meaning paste, used to mean a savory paste.

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In Scandinavia, leverpostej (in the Netherlands: leverpastei ) is a popular baked pâté similar to the French pâté en terrine, usually made of lard and pork liver.12751325; Middle English, of uncertain orig.The mind or brain.

Another common type of pâté in Jewish cuisine, also popular in Russia and Ukraine, is vorschmack or gehakte herring (chopped herring).3 Basically the same recipe is known as chopped liver in Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine, where schmaltz is used instead of butter and hard-boiled eggs are usually added.In Russia, the pâté is served on a plate or in a bowl, and is often molded into the shapes of animals, such as hedgehogs.