A bit of a throwaway effort, this is a very short piano instrumental. .When McQueen and Mater arrive in Tokyo in Cars 2, they notice an advertisement that shows a vacuum cleaner called "Lightning McClean".Silhouettes - This track is Wendy's one and only lead vocal, and was the b-side to 'Faron Young.'  There are two versions out there - a short version (on SK22) and a long version (on SKX22.)  My advice is to go for the long one.

He is seen in the Paint the Night Parade and Hong Kong Disneyland, and Disney California Adventure with Mack and DJ, and was seen with Mater in the Pixar Play Parade before it moved to Disneyland in 2018 for Pixar Fest."Blixten" is the Swedish word for "the flash".

Later after watching the commercial, McQueen notices one of his trophies toppled and broke, explaining to Cruz that going to Miss Fritter's school program is too dangerous to attend.Lions In My Own Garden.