In 1987, Rex once again made a grand arrival on the.While there has been some earlier historic use of the term not confined to New Orleans, the current Lundi Gras, referring to a group of New Orleans riverfront activities, is a relatively new rather than an old carnival custom.  I go swimming on Mondays.

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Le lundi 20 août Monday 20 August le lundi on Mondays, le lundi, je vais à la piscine.Arrival of King Zulu 2011 20th-century revival edit, in 1971, the landing was recreated for one time only to celebrate Rex's centennial.

Contents 19th-century beginning edit, in 1874, 18 years after the beginning of modern Carnival celebrations in New Orleans, the second oldest North American Mardi Gras celebration after Mobile, Alabama's, 2, rex chose to have a grand arrival in New Orleans from the.It's easy and only takes a few seconds: Or sign up in the traditional way.Ils sont arrivés lundi. .