Louis was to be a "narrator" in the cut campaign intros.It can also be assumed he also played video games as he has a figurine of the Heavy from.

Subsequently, it is revealed in The Sacrifice comic that Louis is indeed a Carrier who is capable of infecting people who do not possess a natural resistance to the Infection.1/4 of One Direction We would be nowhere without our incredible fans, we owe it all to you.Louis' knowledge of the Japanese language may also be referring to his voice actor, Earl Alexander, who some have reported as saying that he intends to learn Japanese in preparation for moving to Japan someday.

His" involving "I ain't got time to bleed 13 is a reference to the same"tion of Blain Cooper (played by Jesse Ventura ) from the movie Predator, and also refers to Duke Nukem 64/3D.louis, louis is one of the four playable.