One hundred and fifty years ago, Napoleon III signed Societe Generale's founding decree.Joseph-Eugène Schneider, who built his fortune on iron and steel at the helm of the forges in Le Creusot, was Societe Generale's first Chairman (1864-1867).In order to serve the economy, its founders made entrepreneurial spirit the bank's raison d'être.

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Alphonse Pinard, who chaired the Comptoir National d'Escompte de Paris (cnep also played a pivotal role in the bank's creation.Its promoters successfully obtained authorisation to carry out "all transactions ordinarily within the domain of credit institutions, but also to facilitate the completion of major public or private works through its support, to negotiate all loans and to participate, in short, in any financial transactions.

Above all, it took the form of a universal bank.Known for founding industrial companies, Genevans Édouard Hentsch and Jean-François Bartholony also contributed their elite banking experience to the new institution as it took its first incidentally, on the founding members of Societe Generale held a Board of Directors meeting in the Saint-Julien hotel.