Reynaud fears love (and pleasure, which he equates with sin whereas Vianne embraces it and encourages its free expression.The river scenes were filmed.

Casino et chocolat

: Guillaume Cerdini, Pierre Chauvet, Arnaud Soubeyran, Marrons Imbert, Carl Rechu pâtisserie, Solalter, ainsi que le chef pâtissier du restaurant étoilé Le Vivarais. Programme, samedi, de 11h00 à 11h30

It was also nominated for eight baftas, and four Golden Globes.Convinced now that chocolate will make people stray from their faith, he sneaks into Vianne's house in order to ruin her preparations for the Easter festival.And if you happened to forget, someone would help remind you.

I also wanted to write about people, and about how the arrival of a single individual can affect the internal politics of a community.To me the real difference between them is that Vianne is a mother, whereas Reynaud, ironically, is a Father only in name.