The award was no coincidence: Riehen attracts attention with its large amount of green space and a very attractive city centre.Where cosmopolitan hustle and bustle blend with relaxed conviviality and urban style meets tradition: discover the Basel way of life.

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flights, flight Hotel. Friendly staff, good location, clean room, good breakfast. But Swiss tradition states that the public get the final say on any large project that involves public

Guided Tours, leisure time excursions, best of Basel.The town is also a cultural hotspot as the home of the famous Fondation Beyeler.Mehr erfahren ».

District mapView a map of Basel's districts here 1 Grossbasel city centre.Riehen has already had the honour of being named the Swiss municipality with the highest quality of life.What used to be referred to disparagingly as das mindere Basel (Basel minor) is today a very popular district.