Debased or counterfeit: an attempt to eliminate the base coinage.A fortified or more or less protected area or place from which the operations of an army or an air force proceed.And whilst all the talk may have been of forwards, the base for victory was built further down the Newbridge turf.

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British Dictionary definitions for base base 1 noun the bottom or supporting part of anything the fundamental or underlying principle or part, as of an idea, system, or organization; basis a centre of operations, organization, or supplythe climbers made a base at 8000 feet (as.Manifestly, Shakespeare is thinking of Herbert and his base betrayal.

Both are based in Harpurhey and the area has been the inspiration for much of their work.Dershwitz based his conclusion on witnesses who said Reid had slurred speech and difficulty holding up his head at the start of the interview.I ask where they are based and nine times out of ten they are in a country many miles away.