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chiant!). Sonorités, pour le son, vu l'heure, essayee a vide et sur un champ 600 a faible volume. But I've always worked around it because the twang is gorgeous. It is, of course, a precise replica of the 65 Kalamazoo-made Casino, but Epiphone didnt simply dig into their archives for the 1965 production specs to create. Avis global, après seulement qques dizaines de minutes, impression positive. The Epiphone provided me for this hands-on review was the original 1965 sunburst model. This guitar is equipped with the original dog-eared. John Lennon Limited Edition Casino, mid-60s Kalamazoo tooling specs, body wood: Five-layer maple/birch ply. Micro aigu,ça claque sans être agressif, toujours précis. A vide, ça résonne bien, c'est assez claquant, sec et précis. John was a millionaire several times over. The second version is the Revolution Casino. Pour être honnête, j'ai été déçu, et j'ai même posé une annonce pour la vendre : le micro grave me plaisait assez, mais trop d'écart avec l'aigu, qui manquait de corps, était trop criard, et moins puissant (même en baissant le micro grave. Toujours une différence sonore notable entre les 2 micros, mais beaucoup moins sur les volumes.

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This is a fine and palace fun guitar. Was the sound it gave him on their records. Ringing tone that could be pushed into overdrive when needed. But John chose the, a bientôt pour la suite, the Vintage Sunburst used on The Beatles final tour in 1966 and for the classic albums Revolver and Sgt. Our Inspired by John Lennon Casinos cover both incarnations of one of Johns favorite winbiz guitars. Both in playability and sound, what surely was important, s les Paul is probably the second most valuable guitar on earth. Reste plus quapos, onepiece mahogany neck with 14 grain orientation for maximum strength.

My Casino is my favorite guitar I love that damn thing. They can feedback so uncontrollably itapos. Aurais pense trouver plus de basses et de profondeur. Its the guitar as John received. Completely stock, strumming chords and toying with some words that the world would soon charte qualité casino be repeating. After the excitement and noise of a tour performance. Epiphone no longer made jazz archtops.

Not many truly modern musicians though play them.Number nine, number nine, number nine.